Short online Chechen-English, English-Chechen dictionary 

    This dictionary uses an interface program to search a the lexical database for this project.  Search for any form of a word.  So far the Chechen words are only in the Latin spelling used here, not in the standard Cyrillic spelling used in Chechnya. 
     The searchable portion is about 2000 words. 

Chechen-English and English-Chechen Dictionary
by Johanna Nichols and Arbi Vagapov. 
London: Routledge Curzon, 2004.
   ISBN 0415315948.
    This dictionary contains about 6000 Chechen words and phrases and about 8000 English words and phrases.  Chechen words are given in their Cyrillic spellings and in the diacritic-free, all-Latin practical phonemic spelling used by this project.  It also gives the North American pronunciation using the same spelling.  It gives full grammatical information on each Chechen word (part of speech, principal parts, declension or conjugation type, etc.). It also contains a grammar sketch and full grammar table.

How to find this book:

         Search the Routledge Curzon online book catalog    (search for Chechen or author name)

        Search for "Chechen"  at      or (for an ad)

         Search google or other search engine  for "Nichols Chechen dictionary" or "Vagapov Chechen dictionary" or similar short author-title
             (Search under more than one author-title combination -- different results for each one.)