Daniel W. Bruhn

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Researcher at STEDT
Department of Linguistics
University of California, Berkeley


A Phonological Reconstruction of Proto-Central Naga

Miscellaneous Papers


Signal & Noise: Contact Effects in Ao
Dissertation Committee Meeting - Squib

From Proto-Tibeto-Burman to Proto-Ao: Initial Developments
Dissertation Prospectus

Unearthing the Roots: Ao and Proto-Tibeto-Burman – The Rimes
Qualifying Paper #2

A Tonal Taxonomy of Chungli Ao Verbs
Qualifying Paper #1

Syntax Sketch: Constituent Questions in Chungli Ao
UCB field methods course (Linguis 240)


The Phonetic Inventory of Iu-Mien
UCB independent study

Hmong Daw / Mong Leng

The Phonetic Inventory of Mong Leng
UCB phonology/phonetics course (Linguis 110)

LF Wh-Movement in Mong Leng
UCB syntax/semantics course (Linguis 220B)

Toward a Reconstruction of Proto-Far-Western-Hmongic
UCB historical linguistics course (Linguis 230)

Other Linguistics

Speaker Ethnicity as a Perceptual Shift Trigger
NCSU sociophonetics course (ENG 528)

Walls of the Tongue: A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Ursula K. Le Guin's The Dispossessed
NCSU science fiction course (ENG 376)

Possessive Nominal Expressions in GB: DP vs. NP
UCB syntax course (Linguis 220A)

Somali and the Nature of Morphophonological Alternations
UCB phonology course (Linguis 211B)

Distributive Pluractionality and Plurality in Ingush: The case of G.uozh/lieg
UCB linguistics course (Linguis 270)

Minority Language Policy in China, with Observations on the She Ethnic Group
UCB endangered languages course (Linguis 250E)


Subsystems for Data Acquisition: Analog-to-Digital Converter IEEE-488 Function Card
Electrical and Computer Engineering Senior Project


The Search for Fractal Area
NCSU Undergraduate Honors Research

A Million Monkeys
Just for fun