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This research is supported by NSF grant SBR-9616448 to the University of California, Berkeley (JN, PI). Seed funding and institutional support provided by the Center for Slavic and East European Studies, University of California, Berkeley. Field methods course on Ingush in 1995-96 made possible by the support of the Deans of Humanities and of Social Sciences, University of California, Berkeley and a personal grant from Professor Nichols.

The Ingush lexical database was designed by Zev Handel with Ronald Sprouse, under the direction of Johanna Nichols. Web page design and implementation by Ronald Sprouse and Zev Handel.

Valuable contributions of Ingush lexical data and grammatical analysis have been made to the project by the students of Professor Nichols' 1994-95 Field Methods course at Berkeley. They are:

Leela Bilmes
Adam Cohen-Siegel
Andrew Dolbey
Zev Handel
Jan Johnson
Heather Jones
Kojiro Nabeshima
Armindo Ngunga
David Peterson
Paula Rogers
Ronald Sprouse
Natasha Warner
William Weigel
Nancy Urban
Kerstin Fischer
Jonathan Segal

We thank J.B. Lowe for advice on database design.

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