American English Pronunciation Workbook

Examples of the Consonant [ð]

Word Initial

1.   [ɹðeɪ]

well it could be hot water they

2.   [ðeɪ]

i don't know how really they do it

3.   [ðeɪ]

before they got there

4.   [ðeɪ]

you know and the news media they haven't really been

5.   [ðɛɹz]

but there's those moments where you're like

6.   [ðəm]

and asked if i could have them cleaned them up

7.   [ðə]

didn't come across to giving it to me so i accidentally got on the phone with the

8.   [ðə]

well the furniture the dining room sets the the uh chairs the couches

9.   [ði]

associate conductor for the uh

10.   [ði]

the uh

11.   [ðoʊʒ]

there are those doomsayer from my point of view are saying that uh

12.   [ðoʊz]

uh it just doesn't make any difference to them and they don't like those classes they think they're boring they think it has no relevance to their life

13.   [ðoʊz]

those were the good old days

14.   [ðoʊz]

and it had the opposite effect of what we thought people thought the schools were so bad they said we're not gonna support those

15.   [ðis]

yeah I mean when I when you come down to these things there's uh

16.   [ðiz]

it wasn't like these perfect

17.   [ðiz]

these kids think they

18.   [ðæʔt]

don't do that like but you can't do that or or you get in trouble or whatever

19.   [ðæʔt]


20.   [ðæt]

like the local senior citizens' home or something like that

21.   [ðæts]

uh i think that's

22.   [ðɛn]

than burn them

23.   [ðɛmsɛlfs]

the the characters themselves had flaws

Word Medial

24.   [bɹəðɚ]

my brother in law was very much opposed to any kind of gun control

25.   [əðɚ]

but definitely i think that those other

26.   [əðɚs]

made my wife and i the angriest was that he's the only one that really could control his behavior the others couldn't

27.   [wɛði]

uh whether you're republican or a democrat

28.   [wɚði]

you're not worthy

29.   [bɹəðə]

but my brother in law was very much opposed to

30.   [fəɹðɚ]

someone always starts out ahead and is able to get ahead further but

31.   [fɑðɚ]

really all that matters because my mom was my mother and father

32.   [iðɚ]

yeah well you can't even put a price on it either

© 2011 Keith Johnson & Erin Diehm