American English Pronunciation Workbook

Examples of the Consonant [θ]

Word Initial

1.   [θɪŋ]

uh and penalty can be a very very simple thing a mother can simply

2.   [θɪŋk]

don't think that at all

3.   [θɪŋk]

i think

4.   [θɪŋk]

and i don't think that

5.   [θɪk]

i don't think that women should be on the front lines

6.   [θɪŋk]

i think i yes i do think they should put that

7.   [θɪŋ]

i think that the

8.   [θɪŋk]

think i'm in pretty good

9.   [θɪŋk]

yknow a lot of people think wow you should know what you wanna do or yknow

10.   [θɹi]

and then you're supposed to end the introductory paragraph by listing three ideas

11.   [θɹi]

turn to page three ninety three or

12.   [θɹi]

gonna have to have a book report use three books of reference yknow she's never done anything like this it was the battle all weekend long yknow getting this

13.   [θɹi]

and then you're supposed to end the introductory paragraph by listing three ideas

14.   [θɚtin]

daughter who's thirteen is

15.   [θɔɾ]

well I thought about that yknow I mean doing something in the animal area even as a vet assistant but

Word Medial

16.   [səmθɪŋ]

is something that people don't understand

17.   [θaʊzɪnz]


18.   [səmθɪŋ]

or something these days i don't watch

19.   [səmθɛn]

it's just something

20.   [ɛniθɪŋ]

so you don't have to say anything as long as you live a good clean honest life

21.   [ɛvɹiθɪŋ]

string player that can't play in tune it can really wreck everything

22.   [ɛvɹiθɪŋs]

i changed my name when i went to college i just decided i'm out of here i'm everything's gone

23.   [ɛθɪks]

the business ethics

Word Final

24.   [boʊθ]

sorely neglected because you were one of so many i mean janet and i both

25.   [nɔɹθ]

uh i live up north

26.   [noʊɹθ]

when north land moves and all that

27.   [saʊθ]

which is pretty well to the south

28.   [wɪθ]

yknow with

29.   [wɚθ]

it's not gonna be worth it to have the gun in the first place so

30.   [wɚθ]

houses are just worth more so you can't get as much house here

31.   [fɪθ]

the fifth grade he was writing on a college level and

32.   [məθ]

because i don't teach math and i don't use math that much

33.   [wɪθ]

with uh the

34.   [feɪθ]

um much your weaknesses are but really your weaknesses are the strength that you pull from your faith

35.   [bɹɛθ]

it just brings that heat out that steam that breath that sacred breath is what we call it

© 2011 Keith Johnson & Erin Diehm