American English Pronunciation Workbook

Examples of the Vowel [ɔ]

Primary Stress

1.   [dɔɹ]

it's a foot in the door

2.   [lɔŋ]

yknow uh i uh i know a long time ago uh we went to a um

3.   [lɔŋ]

feel like i've gotten good education and work skills from working here for this long and

4.   [pɔɹɛs]

the poorest benchmarks you could have

5.   [mɔɹnɪŋ]

uh and i'd been there three four days and finally at breakfast one morning henry said well you haven't talked about clinton and the impeachment yet and i said henry

6.   [əkɔɹd]

behaved the way it did on it's own accord

7.   [bifɔɹ]

it's all those things that i've mentioned before

8.   [tɔkɪŋ]

and part of this mass communication we're talking about

9.   [ɔlsoʊ]

we've actually been on w o s u also

10.   [ɔlsoʊ]

also in films yknow i remember actually being in bristol and that film california

11.   [ɔwʊz]

there is kids out there always cutting

12.   [ɔweɪz]

i guess it's true and i've always wondered

Secondary Stress

13.   [ɔɹɾi]

i've already

14.   [əɹɛɾi]

they've showed that study already

15.   [ɔɹɛɾi]

applying for another scholarship he gets some already

16.   [ɔlɹɛdi]

already be

17.   [ɔltɚnɪɾɪv]

but an alternative

18.   [ɛltɚnɪv]

and when I look at what the alternative is which is subjecting myself to

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