Lev David Michael

Department of Linguistics

University of California, Berkeley


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Last updated: 30 June 2019


Berkeley Courses

Spring 2019: Linguistics 240B (Field Methods II)

Fall 2018: Linguistics 250B (Language Contact), Linguistics 240A (Field Methods I)

Spring 2018: Linguistics 100 (Introduction to Linguistic Science), Linguistics 240B (Field Methods II)

Fall 2017: Linguistics 240A (Field Methods I)

Spring 2017: Linguistics 240B (Field Methods II)

Fall 2016: Linguistics 245 (Anthropological Linguistics), Linguistics 240A (Field Methods I)

Spring 2016: On leave

Fall 2015: On leave

Spring 2015: Linguistics 255 (Sociocultural Linguistics), Linguistics 240B (Field Methods II)

Fall 2014: Linguistics 170 (Grammar, History and Sociolinguistics of Matsigenka), Linguistics 240A (Field Methods I)

Spring 2014: Linguistics 100 (Introduction to Linguistic Science), Linguistics 222 (Linguistic Typology)

Fall 2013: Linguistics 3 (Understanding Human Linguistic Diversity), Linguistics 150 (Sociolinguistics)

Spring 2013: Linguistics 255 (Sociocultural Linguistics)

Fall 2012: Linguistics 290A (Syntax and Semantics of Amazonian Languages; co-taught with Line Mikkelsen)

Spring 2012: Linguistics 240B (Field Methods II), Linguistics 255 (Sociocultural Linguistics)

Fall 2011: Linguistics 240A (Field Methods I), Linguistics 150 (Sociolinguistics)

Spring 2011: Sabbatical

Fall 2010: Linguistics 100 (Introduction to Linguistic Science), Linguistics 150 (Sociolinguistics)

Spring 2010: Linguistics 240B (Field Methods II), Linguistics 245 (Anthropological Linguistics)

Fall 2009: Linguistics 240A (Field Methods I)

Spring 2009: Linguistics 150 (Sociolinguistics), Linguistics 240B (Field Methods II)

Fall 2008: Linguistics 100 (Introduction to Linguistic Science), Linguistics 250B (Language Contact)

Special Courses

ABECS X mini-course December 2018: Language Contact in Amazonia

Centro de Estudios Antropológicos, UNAM, November 2018: Anthropological Linguistics

LSA Institute, July 2015: Amazonian Languages

ICLDC Masterclass, February 2015: Evidentiality

LSA Institute, August 2009: Verbal Art


Dissertations directed

Jessica Cleary-Kemp. Serial Verb Constructions Revisited: A Case Study from Koro. (2015)

Stephanie Farmer. Establishing reference in Máíhɨ̃ki. (2015)

Myriam Lapierre.TBA. Co-chair: Susan Lin. (in progress)

Julia Nee.TBA. (in progress)

Kelsey Neely.The Linguistic Expression of Affective Stance in Yaminawa (Pano, Peru). (2019)

Zachary O'Hagan. TBA. (in progress)

Marilola Perez. Cavite Chabacano Philippine Creole Spanish: Description and Typology. (2015)

Amalia Skilton. Spatial and non-spatial deixis in Cushillococha Ticuna. (2019)

Tammy Stark. Person marking and alignment in Caribbean Northern Arawak; Co-chair: Line Mikkelsen. (2018)

Dissertation committees

Ana Paula Brandão. A reference grammar of Paresi-Haliti (Arawak). (Chair: Patience Epps; UT Austin, 2014)

Natalia Chousou-Polydouri. From Spiders to Languages: a Phylogenetic Journey. (Chair: Rosemary Gillespie, 2014)

Rebecca Cover. Aspect, Modality, and Tense In Badiaranke. (Chair: Line Mikkelsen, 2010)

Erin Coyne. Coming Down From the Mountain: Dialect Contact and Convergence in Contemporary Hutsulshchyna. (Chair: Johanna Nichols, 2014)

Nicholas Emlen. Language and Coffee in a Trilingual Matsigenka-Quechua-Spanish Frontier Community on the Andean-Amazonian Borderland of Southern Peru. (Chair: Bruce Mannheim; University of Michigan, 2014)

Cynthia Hansen. Expressing reality status through word order: Iquito irrealis constructions in typological perspective. (Chair: Profs. Nora England and Patience Epps, UT Austin; 2011)

Brock Imel. Sa nature proveir se volt: A New Examination of Leftward Stylistic Displacement in Medieval French through Textual Domain, Information Structure, and Oral Représenté. (Chair: Mairi McLaughlin, 2019)

Iksoo Kwon. Viewpoints in the Korean Verbal Complex: Evidence, Perception, Assessment, and Time. (Chair: Eve Sweetser, 2012)

I-Wen Lai. Time in the Iquito Language. (Chair: Nora England; UT Austin, 2009)

Elena Mihas. Essentials of Ashéninka Perené grammar. (Chair: Edith Moravscik; University of Wisconson, Milwaukee, 2010)

Eric Prendergast. The Origin and Spread of Locative Determiner Omission in the Balkan Linguistic Area. (Chair: Line Mikkelsen, 2017)

Kamala Russell. TBA. (Chair: Bill Hanks, in progress)

Dissertation Examiner

Sonja Gipper. Evidentiality and intersubjectivity in Yurakaré: An interactional account. (Promotoren: Stephen Levinson and Pieter Muysken; Co-Promotor: Rik Van Gijn; Radboud Universiteit, 2012)

BA and MA theses advised

Eric Chen. Phonological Reconstruction of Proto-Kampa Consonants. (BA thesis, 2019)

Michael Dohn. Directionals and Aspect in Matsigenka. (BA thesis, 2017)

Andrés Garcia Molina. The Sound Tactics of Upper Putumayo Shamans. (MA thesis, 2014)

Elizabeth Goodrich. Máíjɨ̠ki in the community of Vuelto a Nacer: The role of language ideologies in a situation of language shift and their effect on language revitalization. (BA thesis, 2014)

Olof Lundgren. TBA. (MA thesis, in progress)

Grace Neveu. Spatial relations in Máíjɨ̠̀kì. (BA thesis, 2013)

Zachary O'Hagan. Proto-Omagua-Kokama: Grammatical Sketch and Prehistory. (BA thesis, 2011)

Tammy Stark. Grammaticalization and Polyfunctionality in Omagua. (BA thesis, 2010)

Briana Van Epps. Noun Classes in the Kampan Languages: Contemporary Patterns and Historical Origins. (BA thesis, 2010)

Vivian Wauters. Clause-linking in Omagua. (BA thesis, 2010)

Post-Doctoral Students

Bernat Bardagil Mas Project: Documentation of Myky (2018-present)

Martine Bruil Project: Documentation of Ecuadorean Siona (2014-2015)

Konrad Rybka Project: Rethinking contact in Amazonia through the patterns of linguistic and socio-cultural exchange in the Guianas (2016-2018)

Marine Vuillermet Project: Associated Motion in Ese Eja: An experimental investigation (2013)