Agreement by Correspondence: ABC<->Conference Archive

Berkeley, May 18-19, 2014

Organizers: Stephanie Shih & Sharon Inkelas

Foreword 1-2 Foundations & Directionality

3-62 (Dis)Agreement by (Non)Correspondence: Inspecting the foundations Gunnar Hansson (University of British Columbia)

63-73 Directionality in distance effects Eric Bakovic & Sharon Rose (University of California, San Diego)

74-92 Directionality in Nkore-Kiga sibilant harmony: arbitrary or emergent? Wm. G. Bennett (Rhodes University) & Douglas Pulleyblank (University of British Columbia)

93-99 Discussion 1: Gallagher & Padgett Gillian Gallagher (New York University) & Jaye Padgett (University of California, Santa Cruz) Locality

100-114 Transparent vowels in ABC: open issues Sam Bowman (Stanford)

115-174 Computational accounts of human learning bias: Implications for locality in ABC Kevin McMullin (University of British Columbia)

175-189 Discussion 2: Yu Alan Yu (University of Chicago)

190-201 Discussion 2: Zuraw Kie Zuraw (University of California, Los Angeles) Multiple Correspondences

202-213 Prominence-control and multiple triggers in vowel harmony: An ABC analysis Rachel Walker (University of Southern California)

214-222 An Agreement-by-Correspondence Analysis of Maihiki Nasalization Harmony John Sylak-Glassman; Stephanie Farmer; & Lev Michael (University of California, Berkeley)

223-287 Phonological teamwork in Laal rounding harmony: an ABC analysis Florian Lionnet (University of California, Berkeley)

288-294 Discussion 3: Mielke & Scarborough Jeff Mielke (Northern Carolina State University) & Rebecca Scarborough (University of Colorado, Boulder) Representations

295-401 Consonant harmony as feature spreading Peter Jurgec (University of Toronto)

402-411 Vowel contours in ABC+Q: the role of q Sharon Inkelas (University of California, Berkeley) & Stephanie S Shih (University of California, Merced)

412-425 Revisiting the TBU in an ABC+Q approach to tone Stephanie S Shih (University of California, Merced) & Sharon Inkelas (University of California, Berkeley)

426-428 Discussion 4: Hyman Larry Hyman (University of California, Berkeley)

429-453 Discussion 4: Steriade Donca Steriade (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Poster Presentations

454 A nonagreement analysis of Harari long-distance V-C palatalization Radu Craioveanu & Ross Godfrey (University of Toronto)

455 Neutralization and dominance in Basque sibilant harmony Joshua Falk (University of Chicago)

456 Vowel subsegments in surface correspondence Matthew Faytak (University of California, Berkeley)

457 Iterative infixation and vowel copying in LÖfflisch Jeffrey Geiger (University of Chicago)

458 Agreement without similarity: the case of Chiquitano nasal (consonant) harmony Raphael Girard (University of British Columbia)

459 Perceptual Grounding for Long-Distance Agreement Wendell Kimper (University of Manchester)

460 Categorical and gradient laryngeal harmony in Lezgian Alexei Kochetov & Avery Ozburn (University of Toronto)

461 Optionality in sibilant harmony: Experimental evidence from Kirundi Alexei Kochetov; Tomohiro Yokoyama (University of Toronto); & Myles Leitch (Tyndale University)

462 Dorsal dissimilation and harmony in Mayan languages Masaki Noguchi (University of British Columbia)

463 Statistical laryngeal harmony in Oromo: a Maximum Entropy model Avery Ozburn (University of Toronto)

464 Conditional blocking of long-distance consonant dissimilation is attested Philip J. Roberts (University of Oxford)

465 Pronoun-antecedent phonological agreement in Guébie Hannah Sande (University of California, Berkeley)

466 Distance-based decay in long-distance phonological processes Jesse Zymet (University of California, Los Angeles)

ABC Bibliography maintained by Sharon Inkelas & Stephanie Shih