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There does not seem to be any ordering constraints on the logical ordering of adjectives. That is, “the delicious sour fruit” is just as natural and acceptable as “the sour delicious fruit”. The only constraint is that the adjective or adjectives remain post-nominal. There is also an intermixing of modification strategies when multiple modifications occur (see section below on Adjective Ordering).

Because physical and psychological qualities - such as visual and physical attributes (color, size, texture), emotional states, and other such descriptors usually put across by use of adjectives in some languages - are expressed by use of stative verbs in Sereer, much of the discussion about Sereer adjectives will entail a discussion of verb syntax, particularly copular predication.

The following sections are dedicated to descriptions of various aspects of nominal modification in Sereer.

Modification Strategies

Predication Strategies

Degrees of Comparison

Possessives with Adjectives


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