A Dictionary and Text Corpus of the Karuk Language

Fritz Hansen


(Source: Julian Lang, Ararapikva (1994))

Fritz Hansen was renowned as a singer of White Deerskin Dance songs, and a composer of Kick Dance songs. He had two Indian names, Afrîich and Chaakíchhaan. Originally of Ka'tim'îin, he was an authority on the Fix the Earth ceremony, although he never performed as the fatavêenaan, or priest, of the ceremony. Elders today remember Fritz well. All like to tell stories of his little store at Ka'tim'îin where he always gave the kids a piece of candy.

Texts associated with Fritz Hansen

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Year Title Text ID
1930   Mourning Dove Gambles JPH_KT-06
1930   "Coyote Falls through the Living-House Roof Hole" JPH_KT-12