Elise, Eve, Oana


Dissertation Advisees

2016. Elise Stickles
Dissertation title: The interaction of syntax and metaphor in gesture: A corpus-experimental approach.
2016. Oana David (co-advised with George Lakoff)
Dissertation title: Metaphor in the Grammar of Argument Realization.
2015. I-Hsuan Chen
Dissertation title: The Diachronic Development and Synchronic Distribution of Mimimizers in Mandarin Chinese.
2012. Ramon M. Escamilla, Jr.
Dissertation title: An Updated Typology of Causative Constructions: Form-Function Mappings in Hupa (California Athabaskan), Chungli Ao (Tibeto-Burman) and Beyond.
2012. Jisup Hong
Dissertation title: Connective Polysemy and Clause Linkage Typology in Korean.
2012. Iksoo Kwon
Dissertation title: Viewpoints in the Korean Verbal Complex: Evidence Perception, Assessment, and Time.
2011. Johnny E. George
Dissertation title: Politeness in Japanese Sign Language (JSL): Polite JSL expression as evidence for intermodal language contact influence.
2011. Russell R. Lee-Goldman
Dissertation title: Context in Constructions.
2010. Mischa A. Park-Doob (co-advised with William Hanks)
Dissertation title: Gesturing through Time: Holds and Intermodal Timing in the Stream of Speech.
2010. Eugenia Antic (co-advised with Sharon Inkelas)
Dissertation title: The Representation of Morphemes in the Russian Lexicon.
2009. Jenny S. Lederer
Dissertation title: Understanding the Self: The Distribution of Anaphora within Prepositional Phrases.
2007. Karen S. Sullivan
Dissertation title: Grammar in Metaphor: A Construction Grammar Account of Metaphoric Language.
2007. Fan-Pei Gloria Yang
Dissertation title: A Cognitive Approach to Mandarin Conditionals.
2006. Olga I. Gurevich (co-advised with James Blevins)
Dissertation title: Constructional Morphology: The Georgian Version.
2005. Tomoko Yamashita Smith
Dissertation title: Affectedness Constructions: How Languages Indicate Positive and Negative Events.
2004. Paul G. Dudis
Dissertation title: Depiction of Events in ASL: Conceptual Integration of Temporal Components.
2004. Melinda Y-C. Chen
Dissertation title: Speech Lost From Speech: The Cognitive Linguistics of Alienation, Objectification, and Reclaiming.
2003. Heather R. Jones
Dissertation title: Cognitive Aspects of the Grammaticalization of Medieval Welsh Prepositions.
2002. Jason D. Patent
Dissertation title: Are These Truths Self-Evident? Language, Culture and Human Rights in the U.S. and China.
2002. Paula Kadose Radetzky (Rogers) (co-advised with Richard Rhodes)
Dissertation title: The Functions and Evolution of Topic and Focus Markers.
2000. Kevin Ezra Moore
Dissertation title: Spatial Experience and Temporal Metaphors in Wolof: Point of View, Conceptual Mapping, and Linguistic Practice.
1998. Pamela Morgan (co-advised with George Lakoff)
Dissertation title: Beyond the Issues: A Linguistic and Conceptual Study of American Public Discourse.
1999. Jocelyn Ahlers (co-advised with Leanne Hinton)
Dissertation title: Proposal For the Use of Cognitive Linguistics in Hupa Language Revitalization.
1997. Joseph Grady (co-advised with George Lakoff)
Dissertation title: Foundations of Meaning: Primary Metaphors and Primary Scenes.
1997. Sarah Taub
Dissertation title: Language in the Body: Iconicity and Metaphor in American Sign Language.
1997. David Gamon
Dissertation title: The Grammaticalization of Grammatical Relations: A Typological and Historical Study Involving Kashaya Pomo, Old English, and Modern English.
1996. Norine Berenz
Dissertation title: Person and Deixis in Brazilian Sign Language.
1995. Lionel Wee (co-advised with George Lakoff)
Dissertation title: Cognition In Grammar: The Problem of Verbal Prefixation in Malay.
1994. Jeong-Woon Park (co-advised with Charles J. Fillmore)
Dissertation title: Morphological Causatives in Korean: Problems in Grammatical Polysemy and Constructional Relations.
1992. John L. Cherry
Dissertation title: Animism in thought and language.
1991. Eric Pederson
Dissertation title: Subtle semantics: universals in the polysemy of reflexive and causative constructions.
1990. Vasiliki Nikiforidou
Dissertation title: Conditional and concessive clauses in Modern Greek: a syntactic and semantic description.

Dissertation advising outside Berkeley

Have been a dissertation committee member and/or examiner for doctoral students at Tilburg University and Nijmegen University (the Netherlands), the University of Toulouse (France), The University of Ghent (Belgium), Brisbane and Sydney Universities (Australia), the University of Sofia (Bulgaria), at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes and the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, and at US campuses including Cornell, the University of New Mexico, the University of California at Santa Cruz, and the University of California at San Diego, as well as multiple dissertation committees at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley.

Current dissertation advising outside Berkeley

Will Andrews, University of Chicago Divinity School.

Recently completed dissertation committees outside UC Berkeley

2016. Kobie van Krieken
Ph.D. Nijmegen.
Dissertation title: Linguistic viewpoint in crime narratives: Form, function and impact.
2015. Christina Märzhäuser
Ph.D. Universität München.
Dissertation title: Referential bare noun constructions in French and Spanish.
2014. Eric Mélac 2014.
Ph.D. Université Paris-3 (Sorbonne Nouvelle).
Dissertation title: L'evidentialité en Anglais: Approche contrastive à partir d'un corpus Anglais-Tibetain.
2012 (defended March 2013). Elizabeth Koier
Ph.D. Leiden University, Director Professor Arie Verhagen.
Dissertation title: Interpreting particles in dead and living languages: An approach to the semantics of Dutch ergens and Ancient Greek pou.
2011. Emilie L'Hôte
Ph.D. University of Lille, Director Professor Maarten Lemmens.
Dissertation title: The language of politics: Towards a cognitive analysis of New Labor discourse (1994-2007).
2010. Sophie Raineri
Ph.D. Université Paris 3 (Sorbonne Nouvelle), Director: Professor Claude Delmas.
Dissertation title: Analyse contrastive français-anglais du passif dans une perspective constructionnelle.
2010. Line Brandt
Ph.D. Aarhus University, Center for Semiotics. Director: Professor Svend Östergaard.
Dissertation title: Language and enunciation: A cognitive inquiry with special focus on conceptual integration in semiotic meaning construction.
2009. Erik Redting
Habilitationsschrift in North American Literature and Culture. Universität Augsburg. Director: Professor Hubert Zapf.
Dissertation title: From Mimesis to Metaphor: Intermedial Translations in Jazz Poetry.
2009. Claudine Korall
Ph.D. Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris). Director: Professor Jean-Claude Schmitt.
Dissertation title: La sémiologie des rêves dans la littérature en ancien français, XIe-XIIIe siècles: Stratégies des non-dits et discourss d'insoumission.
2008. Vera Tobin
Ph.D. English Department, University of Maryland. Chair, Professor Mark Turner.
Dissertation title: Literary Joint Attention: Social Cognition and the Puzzles of Modernism.
2006. Jeanne Aptekman
Ph.D. Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris). Directors: Professors Bernard Victorri and Daniel Andter.
Dissertation title: De la logique à la linguistique: Une étude du sens de SI.