The Circle is a weekly forum dedicated to discussion of the descriptive, experimental, and theoretical study of syntax and semantics, featuring presentations of ongoing research by members of the Berkeley Linguistics Department and other departments, as well as discussion of previously published works.


Fridays, 2:30–4:00


233 Dwinelle Hall


Nick Fleisher
fleisher at berkeley dot edu

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Syntax Group
27–29 april:


University of California, Berkeley
Department of Linguistics


19 january
Organizational meeting.

26 january
Nick Fleisher will present a portion of his dissertation research, on modal attributive adjectives.

2 february
Russell Lee-Goldman will lead a discussion of Gosse Bouma, Robert Malouf, and Ivan A. Sag's 2001 NLLT paper 'Satisfying constraints on extraction and adjunction.' (Link requires UCB proxy authentication.) (For a very quick overview of some basic HPSG concepts, click here.)

9 february
No meeting due to The 33rd Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society.

16 february
Amy Campbell will lead a discussion of 'The real-time status of island phenomena,' by Colin Phillips (Language, Dec. 2006). (Link requires UCB proxy authentication.)

23 february
Ange Strom-Weber will lead a discussion of 'Subjacency and S-structure movement of wh-in-situ,' by Akira Watanabe (Journal of East Asian Linguistics 1: 255–291, 1992). (Link requires UCB proxy authentication.)

2 march
David Allison will present a talk on his research on automatic document classification.

9 march
Alice Gaby will present a talk entitled 'Pragmatic functions of Thaayorre ergative morphology.'
NOTE special time and place:
3:30 pm in 1229 Dwinelle.

16 march
Rebecca Cover will present a practice talk for the Annual Conference on African Linguistics (ACAL), entitled 'The narrative tense that isn't: Narrative morphology in Badiaranke.'

23 march
James Isaacs will present a talk on his research.

30 march
No meeting due to Spring Break.

6 april
Michael Houser will present a talk entitled 'Do so anaphora and the (non)evidence for internal VP structure.' For some background on the subject matter of the talk, see Kehler and Ward's 1999 paper available for download here.

13 april
Gaëtanelle Gilquin (Belgian National Scientific Research Fund / University of Louvain) will present a talk entitled 'Testing the linguistic and cognitive reality of prototypes: The case of high-frequency verbs.'

20 april
Yao Yao will present a talk entitled 'Chinese double nominative structure revisited.'

27 april
No meeting due to The 26th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics.

4 may
UPDATE (May 1):
Geoff Nunberg's scheduled talk has been cancelled. We will try to reschedule for next semester.