andrew garrett

Curriculum vitae [pdf]

Andrew Garrett, Dwinelle Hall, 2016

Panopticon, courtesy of Club Inferno, Gwen Stefani, and the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, 2016

drawing of Andrew Garrett

portrait from life, by Lydia Fleisher, 2016

Forum Lecture, Linguistic Institute, 2015

Forum Lecture, Linguistic Institute, Bastille Day 2015

with Darya Kavitskaya and Alice Shen

with Darya Kavitskaya and Alice Shen, 2016

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Education and employment

University of California, Berkeley

University of Texas at Austin

Harvard University

Harvard College

Awards and honors

Best Paper in Language Award, Linguistic Society of America (2015, with Will Chang, Chundra Cathcart, and David Hall)

Fellow of the Linguistic Society of America (2009)

Distinguished Teaching Award, UC Berkeley (2007)

Division of Social Sciences Distinguished Service Award, UC Berkeley (2002-2003)

Division of Social Sciences Distinguished Teaching Award, UC Berkeley (1999-2000)

Fellowships and grants

Principal Investigator, "Archiving legacy documentation from southern California and the southwest: Toward a new collaborative model", funded by the NEH (2020-2022)

Principal Investigator (with Ira Jacknis and Erik Mitchell), "Linguistic and ethnographic sound recordings from early twentieth-century California: Optical scanning, digitization, and access", funded by the NEH and NSF (2015-2018)

Principal Investigator (with Line Mikkelsen), "Karuk [kyh] and Yurok [yur] Syntax and Text Documentation", funded by the NSF (2011-2014)

Humanities Research Fellowship, UC Berkeley (2010-2011)

Principal Investigator, "Berkeley Indigenous Language Resources: Access, Archiving, and Documentation", funded by the NEH-NSF Documenting Endangered Languages program (2007-2010)

Humanities Research Fellowship, UC Berkeley (2004-2005)

Principal Investigator (with Juliette Blevins), "The Yurok Language: Description and Revitalization", funded by the NSF (2001-2004)

NEH Fellowship for University Teachers (1994-1995)

Visiting teaching positions

Yurok Language Institute, Yurok Tribe (2007-2018)

Linguistic Institute, University of Chicago (2015)

Linguistic Institute, University of Michigan (2013)

Linguistic Institute, UC Berkeley (2009)

Linguistic Institute, Harvard / MIT (2005)

Department of Classics, Stanford University (2004)

Linguistic Institute, Cornell University (1997)

Department of Linguistics, Stanford University (1991-1992)


Primary philological–historical research: English, Greek, Hittite, Karuk, Latin, Luvian, Lycian, Old Irish (Ogam), Rumsen (Ohlone), Yurok

In situ fieldwork experience: Karuk, Northern Paiute, Northern Sierra Miwok, Yurok

Consulting work: Hupa, Karuk, Yurok

Administrative and professional service

Director, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, UC Berkeley (2007–)

Parliamentarian, Berkeley Division, Academic Senate (2013–)

Chair, Department of Linguistics, UC Berkeley (2013-18)

Elected member, Executive Committee, Linguistic Society of America (2011-2014)

Director, 2009 Linguistic Institute