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曲理查 博士
Dr. Richard S. COOK, Jr.

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◆ Books: CCC, ECC, EHC, TUS, WCS

The Eastern Hàn Chinese Grammaticon

《說文解字 ‧ 電子版》
Shuō Wén Jiě Zì — Diànzǐ Bǎn:
Digital Recension of the Eastern Hàn Chinese Grammaticon.

Classical Chinese Combinatorics

Zhōu Yì guàxù quánjiě
Classical Chinese Combinatorics:
Derivation of the Book of Changes Hexagram Sequence.

World Color Survey

The World Color Survey.
Kay, Berlin, Maffi, Merrifield, Cook

The Unicode Standard, Version 5.0

《統一碼標準, 第五丶〇版》
Tǒngyīmǎ Biāozhǔn, dì wǔ diǎn líng bǎn
(Allen, Becker, Cook, Davis, Everson, Freytag,
Jenkins, Ksar, McGowan, Moore, Muller, Scherer,
Suignard, and Whistler, eds.)

The Etymology of Chinese 辰 Chén

‘Chén’ zì de Yuánshǐ Yì

◆ Articles, Papers, Talks, etc.

Character Description Language (CDL)

Script Encoding Initiative (SEI) Research Notes

Early China Workshop Series

Dept. of East Asian Languages and Civilizations (EALC, Feb. 2005, University of Chicago)

Linguistic Society of America (LSA)

79th Annual Meeting, 2005, Oakland, CA

Handbook of Proto-Tibeto-Burman (HPTB; Matisoff, 2003)

World Color Survey (WCS)

Internationalization & Unicode Conferences (IUC)

IUC-33 (San Jose, California, October 2009):

IUC-32 (San Jose, California, October 2008):

IUC-31 (San Jose, California, October 2007):

IUC-29 (San Francisco, California, March 2006):

IUC-23 (Prague, Czech Republic, March 2003):

IUC-22 (San Jose, Sept. 2002):

IUC-19 (San Jose, Sept. 2001):

IUC-18 (Hong Kong, April 2000):

International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics (ICSTLL)

ICSTLL 43 (Lund University, Sweden, October, 2010)

ICSTLL 37 (Lund University, Sweden, October, 2004)

ICSTLL 35 (Arizona State University, November, 2002)

ICSTLL 33 (Bangkok, October, 2000)

Unicode / ISO/IEC 10646 Standards Work, Technical Reports, Encoding Proposals (selected)

STEDT Project Applications & Reports to Funding Agencies (1999-)

I’ve been writing NEH and NSF funding applications and reports with STEDT Project PI Prof. James A. Matisoff since 1998.
These documents are available upon request.

  • NSF
    • 1998-2010 (PDF)
  • NSF
    • 1998-2010 (PDF)

US Peace Corps Marshall Islands (RMI-7)

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