18th Workshop on Structure and Constituency in the Languages of the Americas
University of California, Berkeley, April 5-7, 2013


The main goal of this workshop is to bring together linguists engaged in research on the formal study of the indigenous languages of the Americas for the exchange of ideas across theories, language families, generations of scholars, and, importantly, across academic and non-academic communities involved in language maintenance, revitalization, and restoration.

WSCLA 18 is free and open to the public; all are welcome. If you plan to attend, please let us know (wscla18@socrates.berkeley.edu) so we can plan accordingly. The workshop booklet is available here (PDF).

For financial support we are grateful to the Department of Linguistics, the Townsend Center for the Humanities, and the Nadine M. Tang and Bruce L. Smith Chair in Cross-Cultural Social Sciences at the University of California, Berkeley. The WSCLA 18 organizing committee is Andrew Garrett, Lev Michael, Line Mikkelsen, Richard Rhodes, Katie Sardinha, and John Sylak-Glassman.