Robin T. Lakoff

Professor Emerita

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pragmatics, sociolinguistics
Research areas: Language & Social Context

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Lakoff is a professor emerita in the Linguistics Department. She teaches and writes on language and gender, the politics of language, and language and popular culture. Academically her work comes under the rubrics of sociolinguistics and the relationship between language form and language function. She has written or edited 10 books, among them “Talking Power”, “The Language War, as well as “Language and Woman’s Place” which inspired many different strategies for studying language and gender, across national borders as well as across class and race lines. Her work is also noted for its attention to class, power, and social justice.

Selected publications

Language and Woman's Place. Harper & Row, 1975.

Face Value: The Politics of Beauty. With Raquel Scherr. Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1984.

When Talk Is Not Cheap. With M. Aftel. Warner, 1985.

Talking Power. Basic Books, 1990.

Father Knows Best: The Use and Abuse of Therapy in Freud's Case of Dora. With J. Coyne. Teachers College Press, 1993.

The Language War. University of California Press. 2000

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