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Professor Emeritus

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experimental phonology and phonetics, historical phonology, ethological aspects of communication, speech technology

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Ph.D., Linguistics, University of California, Los Angeles, 1969. He joined the Berkeley faculty in 1970, becoming full professor in 1977. He is a pioneer in experimental, laboratory-based, studies of the phonetic and psychological factors shaping speech sounds and their behavior. In addition he works to apply the basic findings of phonetics and phonology in practical domains such as speech synthesis and automatic recognition of speech. He has also proposed an innovative ethological hypothesis which unifies — via 'the frequency code' — such diverse behavioral phenomena as the cross-language use of voice pitch for questions and statements, the systematic use of consonants, vowels, and tones in sound symbolical vocabulary, the "smile", and sexual dimorphism of the vocal anatomy in adult humans. He has published over a hundred papers on topics in phonetics, phonology, and especially the integration of these two fields by applying phonetics to explain sound change. He is past president of the International Phonetic Association and of the Permanent Council for International Conferences on Spoken Language Processing (ICSLP). He served as Chair of the 14h International Congress on Phonetic Sciences, San Francisco, 1999.

Selected publications

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