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Phonology, morphology, and their relationship
PhD 1989, Stanford University. BA 1984, Pomona College.

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Personal Statement

Inkelas's research centers on the phonology-morphology interaction, focusing most recently on cross-linguistic patterns of reduplication, and on developing cophonology theory as a general approach to all morphologically conditioned phonology and realizational morphology. In the past several years she has expanded into the area of child phonology as well.

Selected publications

“Reduplication.” In J. Trommer (ed.), The handbook of exponence. Oxford: Oxford University Press. To appear.

“The phonology-morphology interaction.” In John Goldsmith, Jason Riggle and Alan Yu (eds.), Handbook of Phonological Theory, 2nd edition. Blackwell Publishing. 2011.

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“Another look at velar deletion in Turkish, with special attention to the derived environment condition.” In Eser Taylan and Bengisu Rona (eds)., Puzzles of Language: Essays in honour of Karl Zimmer. Harrassowitz. 2011. Prepublication version available here.

"Morphosyntactic correspondence in Bantu reduplication," with Larry Hyman and Galen Sibanda. The Nature of the Word: Essays in Honor of Paul Kiparsky, ed. by K. Hanson and S. Inkelas. Cambridge: MIT Press. 273-309. 2009. [pdf

"The Dual Theory of Reduplication". Linguistics 46:351-402. 2008. [pdf]

"The morphology-phonology connection." Proceedings of BLS 34. Berkeley: Berkeley Linguistics Society. 2008. [pdf]

"Positional neutralization: a case study from child language," with Yvan Rose. Language 83:4, 2007. [pdf]

"Is Grammar Dependence Real?," with Cheryl Zoll. Linguistics 45:133-171. 2007. [pdf]

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Reduplication: Doubling in Morphology, with Cheryl Zoll. Cambridge University Press. 2005.

"Turkish stress: a review", with C. Orhan Orgun. Phonology 20:139-161. 2003. [pdf]

"J's rhymes: a longitudinal case study of language play." Journal of Child Language 30, 557-581. 2003. [pdf]

"The implications of lexical exceptions for the nature of grammar," with C. Orhan Orgun and Cheryl Zoll. Excerpted version of Inkelas, Orgun & Zoll (1997). In J. McCarthy (ed.), Optimality Theory in Phonology: A Reader. Blackwell. 542-51. 2003.

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