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Project Description

Support, acknowledgments

Who are the Ingush?

1931 map
1930's-current map

Human rights issues 

Beslan's violent aftermath
Chechen war refugees

The Status of Ingush

Present standing

Scientific interest

Language History

The Ingush Language

Sounds and spelling

Download a document on the Ingush sound system (postscript, ~500,000 bytes)

Reference grammar

The Ingush Lexical database

Projected table of contents of the Ingush grammar

Useful Phrases in Ingush

Sample Ingush Texts 

Swadesh 100-word list

Take a look at the Berkeley Interlinear Text Collector (BITC) developed for this project. 

Earzii 2.JPG (46857 bytes)

 Earzii, Ingushetia.  Late medieval stone village in Ingush highland style. Photo: Johanna Nichols, May 1989.      See labeled diagram.


The Ingush Language Project at the University of California, Berkeley carries out research on and documentation of the Ingush Language.    Its goals are making the scientific and historical interest of the Ingush language and culture better known to the world, and aiding teaching and preservation of the language.  This website also publicizes human-rights issues affecting Ingushetia. 

The project is headed by Professor Johanna Nichols of the Slavic Department, and is supported by the National Science Foundation

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