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Chester Pepper

Texts associated with Chester Pepper

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Year Title Text ID
1957   "Coyote's Journey" WB_KL-03
1957   "Coyote Tries to Reach the Sun" WB_KL-12
audio icon 1957   "Coyote's Gambling Song" WB_KL-13
1957   "Coyote Eats His Own Excrement" WB_KL-14
1957   "Duck Hawk and His Wife" WB_KL-26
1957   "The Origin of the Pikiawish" WB_KL-47
1957   "Love Medicine" WB_KL-51
1957   "Medicine for the Return of Wives" WB_KL-52
1957   "Deer-hunting Medicine" WB_KL-53
audio icon 1949   "Klamath Lakes Young Man" WB_LA78.1-013
audio icon 1949   "The First Sweathouse Spirit" WB_LA78.1-015
audio icon 1949   "Deer-hunting Medicine" WB_LA78.1-016a
audio icon 1949   "Coyote and the Sun" WB_LA78.1-016b
audio icon 1949   "Coyote as Priest" WB_LA78.1-016c