A Dictionary and Text Corpus of the Karuk Language

Lottie Beck

Texts associated with Lottie Beck

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Year Title Text ID
1957   "The Perils of Weasel" WB_KL-18
1957   "Old Man Turtle Dances" WB_KL-22
1957   "The Greedy Father" WB_KL-23
1957   "Duck Hawk and His Wife" WB_KL-25
1957   "The Story of Tan Oak Acorn" WB_KL-30
1957   "The Story of Madrone" WB_KL-35
1957   "The Kidnapped Child" WB_KL-61
audio icon 1949   Conversation and stick game medicine story WB_LA78.1-001
audio icon 1949   Conversation about doctors WB_LA78.1-003
audio icon 1949   Conversation (mostly relating to the írahiv) WB_LA78.1-007