South American Phonological Inventory Database (SAPhon v2.1.0)


The SAPhon database currently includes inventories for 367 languages and varieties.

The principal purpose of the SAPhon site is to share data regarding the phonological inventories of South American indigenous languages for purposes of linguistic research and education. Phonological inventories of specific languages can be accessed using the map browse function, the sortable name table, or the phoneme search function.

If you are interested in how these data were obtained and prepared for display on this site, please consult the methodology page. Please see the cite page for information about citing data drawn from the SAPhon dataset or site.

Another important goal of the SAPhon site is to elicit commentary and corrections by specialists so as to improve the quality of this shared resource. If you have comments or corrections to the SAPhon dataset, please visit the contribute page. We will make available a version of the dataset suitable for quantitive analysis once we have incorporated adequate feedback from specialists. The site is periodically updated to reflect additions and corrections to the dataset, with major changes to the dataset reflected by iterations of the version number of the site and dataset.

The SAPhon dataset and website is currently maintained by Lev Michael and Emily Clem at UC Berkeley. The SAPhon dataset was developed by Tammy Stark, Will Chang, Anna Currey, Elizabeth Pierce and Andrea Guerrero, and the SAPhon site was developed by Will Chang, Hannah Haynie, Tammy Stark, and Kelsey Neely. The Spanish and Portuguese versions of the site were translated by Marilola Pérez and Krista Brune respectively.