A Course in Phonetics

This site is an adaptation of the CD that came with Peter Ladefoged's book "A Course in Phonetics". The online version includes some new interactive exercises. The audio and other media files are stored on Amazon Web Services (thanks to the invaluable Ronald Sprouse) greatly increasing the responsiveness of the site around the world.


This site is a workbook for phonetics students. It builds on the interactive exercises that were added to the "Course", with exercises for a wider range of phonetics teaching. In addition, the site is distributed on github and a small python script can be used to create a custom versions of the site, which include only the exercises that the instructor wants for their course, in a custom organization. .

Voices of Berkeley

The "Voices of Berkeley" project was a component of Berkeley's "On The Same Page" program, an intellectual introduction to Berkeley in which incoming freshman and transfer students are invited to engage with a research area found on the campus. In 2011, the topic was language, and one part of the program was to listen to each other's voices. Students used their browsers to record a few utterances which were force aligned, formant tracked and the student's vowel space was presented in real-time. Their recordings were also added to the class map so they could listen to each other. Extra special shout-out to Ronald Sprouse for helping to make this web project happen.

American English Pronunciation Workbook

This website organizes a bunch of audio clips from the Buckeye Corpus to illustrate a number of different features in the pronunciation of American English. Erin Diehm contributed to this site.

Web-based speech perception experiments

The link here leads to my github repository for software used to collect speech perception responses from listeners. The pages use a combination of javascript and php to present audio and collect responses.


This link leads to a github repository for a python routine that makes pretty good looking speech spectrograms for publications.