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phonetics and phonology.


Phonology Lab

50-52 Dwinelle Hall
University of California, Berkeley


What happens in a Phonology Lab?

speech perception - how listeners recover the sounds and words spoken by talkers.

speech production - how talkers form the sounds of language.

phonological theory - description of language sound systems.

tonal phonology - how pitch is used in sound systems.

phonological acquisition - how children learn a language's phonology.

speech planning - how talkers assemble the plans used in production.

acoustic phonetics - instrumental analysis of speech sounds.

neurophonetics - how phonetic information is encoded in the brain.

sociophonetics - phonetic encoding of social information.

historical phonology - explaining language sound change.

phonetics teaching - Ladefoged & Johnson, "A Course in Phonetics".


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The Phonology lab is a research and teaching laboratory in the Department of Linguistics at UC Berkeley.


The Phonology Lab has been around since 1947.



Contact us

Phone: (510) 642-9150
Director: Prof. Keith Johnson (keithjohnson -at- berkeley.edu)
Programmer/Analyst: Ronald Sprouse (ronald -at- berkeley.edu)