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Julia Starritt

Oral History

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Year Title Text ID
1957   "Swearing" WB_KL-0
1957   "Coyote's Journey" WB_KL-04
1957   "Coyote Goes to a War Dance" WB_KL-06
1957   "Coyote Goes to the Sky" WB_KL-08
1957   "Coyote Steals Fire" WB_KL-10
1957   "Coyote Marries His Own Daughter" WB_KL-16
1957   "The Hair in the Soup" WB_KL-21
1957   "The Bear and the Deer" WB_KL-32
1957   "How the Rube Family Was Named" WB_KL-66
1957   "A Quack Doctor" WB_KL-67
1957   "Salmon Fishing" WB_KL-69
1957   "Making Acorn Soup" WB_KL-73
1957   "Soaking Acorns" WB_KL-75
1957   "The Sweathouse" WB_KL-76
1957   "The Living-house" WB_KL-77
1957   "The Shinny Game" WB_KL-78
1957   "The Sucking Doctor" WB_KL-80
1957   "The Sweating Doctor" WB_KL-81
1957   "Indian Clothes" WB_KL-86
1957   "Tattoos" WB_KL-87
1957   "A Birthday Party" WB_KL-89
1957   "Smoke" WB_KL-90
1957   "A Blow-out" WB_KL-91
1957   "Responses to Pictures" WB_KL-92