Documentation of Yurok: Field notes and recordings

The following material is password-protected and accessible only to project researchers:

  • Yurok language field recordings: FieldRecordings.xml

  • Synopsis of A. L. Kroeber's Yurok field notes, by Lisa Conathan and Tess Wood: KroeberReelSummary.htm

  • Synopsis of C. Hart Merriam's Yurok field notes (Bancroft FILM 1022, C. Hart Merriam Papers), by Lisa Conathan:

    • Reel 31: Vocabularies
      407 Folder # B/2a/V13
      410 Coast Yurok Vocabulary/Phrases from Liza Warren Lindgren (widow of Charley Lindgren, Trinidad, Oct. 22, 27, 1920) and Maggie Skirk (of Stone Lagoonl Trinidad, Aug. 20, 1921)
      484 Placenames
      489 Folder # B/2a-b/V14
      Lower Klamath Vocabulary/Phrases from "Several men and women," including Kitty Henry, Frank Isles, Walter ?McKennan, Kirby Peters, Lucy Thompson, Jane Jefferson, Mary and Clarissy Dowd (various dates)
      569 Placenames
      575 End of Yurok Vocabulary material
    • Reel 52: Natural History vocabulary
      390-421 Folder B/2a/NH14
      Coast Yurok Flora and Fauna terms
      Name of Consultant not given (Trinidad, Aug. 20, 1921; Maggie Skirk?)
      422-55 Folder B/2b/NH15
      Lower Klamath Flora and Fauna terms
      Name of Consultant not given (various date)

Teaching, learning, and documenting Yurok

Florence Shaughnessy may have contributed more to Yurok language documentation than any other person. Not only was she a generous host to linguists from R. H. Robins in 1951, through William Bright, Howard Berman, and Paul Proulx, to Jean Perry in 1986, teaching her language and recording many texts over four decades, but she was a recognized leader and knowledgeable elder within her community.
[Photo: Diana Heberger.]