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Mamie Offield

Texts associated with Mamie Offield

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Year Title Text ID
1957   "Coyote's Journey" WB_KL-05
1957   "Coyote Trades Songs and Goes to the Sky" WB_KL-09
1957   "Coyote Gives Salmon and Acorns to Mankind" WB_KL-17
1957   "The Perils of Weasel" WB_KL-19
1957   "The Greedy Father" WB_KL-24
1957   "Duck Hawk and His Wife" WB_KL-27
1957   "Blue Jay As Doctor" WB_KL-28
1957   "How Deer Meat Was Lost and Regained" WB_KL-33
audio icon 1957   "Eel and Sucker" WB_KL-37
1957   "The Story of Slug" WB_KL-38
1957   "Victory Over Fire" WB_KL-45
1957   "Shinny Game Medicine" WB_KL-54
1957   "Wrestling Medicine" WB_KL-55
1957   "The Flood" WB_KL-56
1957   "A Trip to the Land of the Dead" WB_KL-58
1957   "The Devil Discovered" WB_KL-62
1957   "The Devil Who Died Laughing" WB_KL-63
1957   "The Devil and the Girl" WB_KL-64