Line Mikkelsen

Karuk Treebank

With support from the National Science Foundation and a team of UC Berkeley graduate and undergraduate students, Andrew Garrett and I are creating a treebank (a syntactically annotated on-line corpus) for Karuk, a indigeneous language of Northern California [slides]. The treebank is based on our on-line database of morphologically parsed Karuk texts and audio recordings, which is integrated with the Karuk dictionary created by William Bright and Susan Gehr: Karuk Dictionary and Texts. The treebank is part of a larger Karuk language project, whose goals include linguistic documentation and the creation of resources for community language programs.

VP anaphora and VP topicalization

I am interested in VP topicalization and VP anaphora constructions, especially ones that involve an overt proform. The latter are found in several Germanic languages (including Danish, Dutch, English, German, Norwegian, and Swedish), but there is relatively little work on these, compared with the very large literature on VP ellipsis. In joint work with Michael Houser, Maziar Toosarvandani, and early on also Ange Strom-Weber, I am investigating VP topicalization and VP anaphora constructions in Danish, including their interactions with verb second, auxiliaries (A defective auxiliary in Danish), and A-bar extraction (Verb Phrase Pronominalization in Danish: Deep or Surface Anaphora?). We have buildt an annotated and searchable database of attested examples, which is accessible accessible from a separate project website. Most recently, I have started working with Dan Hardt and Bjarne Ørsnes on orphans hosted by VP anaphora

DP structure and definiteness marking

Together with Jorge Hankamer at UCSC, I've been investigating the morphosyntax of definiteness marking in Scandinavian languages, primarily Danish, and its interactions with the internal structure of DPs in these languages, including attributive adjectives, relative clauses, and PP modifiers. Most recently, we have investigated the structure of pseudopartitives and how it interacts with definiteness marking (Definiteness marking and the structure of Danish pseudopartitives), and we are currently working on definiteness marking in DPs containing clausal complements to N.