Line Mikkelsen

Dissertations directed

Amy Campbell (Senior Software Engineer, Apple)
The Morphosyntax of Discontinuous Exponency (2012)

Rebecca Cover (National Jewish Health)
Aspect, Modality, and Tense in Badiaranke (2010)

Nick Fleisher (Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Adjectives and Infinitives in Composition (2008)

Michael Houser (Senior Editor at IXL Learning)
The Syntax and Semantics of Do So Anaphora (2010)

Eric Prendergast (English Language Arts Curriculum Developer, IXL Learning)
The Origin and Spread of Locative Determiner Omission in the Balkan Linguistic Area (2017)

Katie Sardinha
The Semantics of Object Case in Kwak'wala (2017)

Christine Sheil
Propositional clefts in Scottish Gaelic (2016)

Tammy Stark
Caribbean Northern Arawak person marking and alignment: a comparative and diachronic analysis (2018)
Co-Chair: Lev Michael

Maziar Toosarvandani (Associate Professor, UC Santa Cruz)
Association with Foci (2010)

Dissertation committees

Nico Baier
Anti-Agreement (2018)
Chair: Peter Jenks

Mohit Bansal (Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Surface Web Semantics for Structured Natural Language Processing (2013)
Chair: Dan Klein, Computer Science

Kayla Begay (Assistant Professor, Humboldt State University)
Wailaki Grammar (2017)
Co-Chairs: Andrew Garrett and Justine Spence, NAS UC Davis

Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick (Assistant Professor of Language Technologies, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University)
Perceptual Decipherment: Unsupervised Systems for Recognizing Text and Music (2016)
Chair: Dan Klein, Computer Science

Stanley Hong-Sen Chen
Are Gustatory Matters Mere Matters of Taste? (2011)
Co-Chairs: John MacFarlane and Barry Stroud, both Philosophy

Emily Clem
Case and switch-reference in Amahuaca (in progress)
Chair: Amy Rose Deal

Jenna Coughlin
Language as Personal Ecology in 20th Century Norwegian Poetry (2017)
Chair: Mark Sandberg, Scandinavian

Clara Cohen (Lecturer, University of Glasgow)
The effect of syntactic context on the production of morphemes (2014)
Chair: Susanne Gahl

Thera Crane (University of Helsinki)
Beyond time: temporal and extra-temporal functions of tense and aspect marking in Totela, a Bantu language of Zambia (2011)
Co-Chairs: Lynn Nichols and Larry Hyman

Virginia Dawson
Quantification and epistemic modality in Tiwa (in progress)
Chair: Amy Rose Deal

Melissa Fusco (Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Columbia University)
Deontic Modals and the Semantics of Choice (2015)
Co-chairs: John MacFarlane and Seth Yalcin, both Philosophy

David Goldstein (Assistant Professor, Indo-European Studies, Linguistics, UCLA)
Wackernagel's Law in Fifth-century Greek (2010)
Co-Chairs: Andrew Garrett and Donald Mastronarde, Classics

David Hall (Senior Research Scientist, Semantic Machines)
Refinements in Syntactic Parsing (2015)
Chair: Dan Klein, Computer Science.

Jisup Hong (Analytical Linguist, Google)
A Cognitive Typology of Casual Connectives (2012)
Chair: Eve Sweetser

James Hutchinton (Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Indiana)
Frege’s Systematic Conception of Truth and its Consequences (2018)
Co-Chairs: John Campbell and John MacFarlane, both Philosophy.

Erica Klempner
Aesthetic Belief and Testimony (in progress)
Chair: Hannah Ginsborg, Philosophy.

Alexander (Arc) W. Kocurek
What Can You Say? Measuring the Expressive Power of Languages (2018)
Co-Chairs: Wesley Holliday and Seth Yalcin, both Philosophy.

Jonathan Kummerfeld (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Michigan)
Automating Error Analysis for Structured Output Tasks in Natural Language Processing (2016)
Chair: Dan Klein, Computer Science.

Richard Lawrence
Nominalization, Specification and Investigatio\n (2017)
Co-Chairs: John MacFarlane and Paolo Mancosu, both Philosophy.

Jenny Lederer (Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University)
Prepositional Anaphora in English and Spanish (2009)
Chair: Eve Sweetser

Russell Lee-Goldman (Google)
Context in Constructions (2011)
Chair: Eve Sweetser

Zachary O'Hagan
Caquinte Second-position Clitics: Modality, Evidentiality, Mirativity, Expectation, and Congruence (in progress)
Chair: Lev Michael

Michael Rieppel (Assistant Professor, Syracuse University)
Being Something: Prospects for a Property-Based Theory of Predication (2013)
Chair: John McFarlane (Philosophy)

Bern Samko
Syntax and Information Structure: the Grammar of English Inversions (2016)
Chair: Jim McCloskey, UCSC

Amalia Skilton
The grammar of space and social distance in Cushillococha Ticuna (in progress)
Chair: Lev Michael

Malgorzata Szajbel-Keck (Research Associate, Center for Interdisciplinary Polish Studies, European University Viadrina)
Secondary predication in Polish (2015)
Chair: Johanna Nichols

B.A. Theses

Samir Alam
Contrastive Topic in Vietnamese (in progress)

David Allison
Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: An Extensible Architecture for Automatic Document Tagging and Classification (2007)
Second reader: Dan Klein (Computer Science)

Anupama Bhatt
Perception of Hindi Breathy Consonants by Native English Speakers (2008)
Thesis advisor: Keith Johnson

Alex Bratkievich (Haas Scholar 2005-2006)
The Existential/Canonical Alternation in Brazilian Portuguese:
Results from a corpus study
(2006; download as pdf)

Michael Dohn
Directionals and Aspect in Matsigenka (2017; download as pdf)
Thesis advisor: Lev Michael

Rebecca Gross
How Sensitive are Syntactic Processes? A Case Study of Basic Word Ordering and its Relation to Restrictions on Interrogatives, Relative Clauses, and Focus Constructions (2009)
Second reader: Johanna Nichols (Slavic)

Justin Lei
Word Order and Information Structure in Yurok (2014)
Thesis advisor: Andrew Garrett

Joshua Martin
Salience and the formal link (2017; download as pdf)
Thesus advisor: Peter Jenks

Milla Nizar
Dative Subject Constructions in South-Dravidian Languages (2010; download as pdf)

Jed Pizarro-Guevara (Linguistics PhD student at UC Santa Cruz)
Revisiting Person-Case Constraint on ay-inversion in Tagalog (2010; download as pdf)

Anneliise Rehn
Because Meaning: Language Change through Iconicity in Internet Speak (2015; download as pdf)

Whitney White
The typological canonicality of Karuk number (2015; download as pdf)

Sangceup Yune
Domain restrictive predicates (2015; download as pdf) )